Why Professional Photography? Here Are 4 Reasons...

Real Estate Photography Los Angeles

Did you know that listings with professional photography tend to sell faster in Los Angeles and everywhere around the globe? Why is that? Because Picture is a worth a thousand words, so you don't want it to be so bad that it's only worth 1 word "NEXT" or "EWW". We live in a society now where everyone is getting used to better pictures, our eyes see so many beautiful photos each day that our expectations rise unconsciously because of it. Here are my 4 researched reasons why you should have a Professional Photographer take photos of your next listing.

1. Sell Properties 50% Faster

Professional quality photos are statistically proven to sell listings 50% faster. The Agents who use professional photography services understand this and that's why they keep coming back to it every single time.

2. Increase Potential Prospects and Buyer Interest.

Professional quality images has shown to generate up to 118% more online views. That means the buyer walking through the door might be a potential prospect because everyone has access to apps now like zillow, realtor, etc. and don't need an agent to shop around and guess what, professional photography to their eye is a house that looks ready for move in.

3. Increase Sale Price

Ok, now this is something that I can speak of only from experience of working with real estate agents In Los Angeles area. Professional Photography during a hot market, at least, can be reason for multiple offers and time and time again especially this year, 2018, I had agents who told me that they were able to ask for more just because of how the photos looked. The funniest comment I heard from the Sellers multiple time is that the Photos look so good, they actually don't want to move out. (this was a joke, in case you understand everything literally)

4. Home Buyers Want To See Beautiful Photos

Home buyers spend 60% of their time viewing photos, while only 20% on the property description and 83% of buyers deem photos to be important listing information. So I can confidently say that Professional Real Estate Photography is the #1 Most Critical Part of Selling a Home.

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