Cheaper alternative to professional photography...

Now why would I want to change your focus away for a second from Hako Foto, because I believe that people who need will work with a professional photographer and some agents will search for an alternative and there is only one great alternative to get great quality images for your listings. 

First, you will have to take the photos yourself, with your smart phone and a great way to do is to make sure to follow these steps:

1. Allow a lot of natural light in the house from opening the blinds to turning on all the lights and also by pressing on the dark spot on your smart phone and allowing it to use the proper exposure to make the dark areas exposed.

2. Try to show as much space as possible when taking photos, exterior and interior.

3. Find paralel lines on each side and make sure that the photo is paralel to the sides of the window or table legs. This might mean you have to take the photo from a lower angle and straight forward

4. Pick the object that is the most noticeable in the photo (couch, Dinner table chairs, bed) and try to take the photo about 5 inches higher than the object height.

After you are done taking the photos yourself, congrats you saved the labor pay. Next is the most important part

Hire a professional freelance online who can do the photos for you. FIVERR is a great website to do it.

Go to and search “Real estate photography editing” and most likely you can find many options of freelancers who will edit your photos and make them look extraordinary for 3 times less the money than hiring a professional real estate photographer in Los Angeles.

My services is also offered on fiverr and you can find us at this link below

Sevak Hakoyan