White Balancing

White balancing allows objects that are white in person to be rendered white in the photo show the property in its best light. White balancing will remove yellowed or off-white discoloration and create a bright, crisp image.


Image Sharpening

Image sharpening is an important process to ensure your photos are top quality with a professional finish. Sharpening the image emphasizes the texture and improves the overall quality of your photo.


Vertical/Horizontal Straightening

A great photo is all about composition. An image with a wonky horizon can look unprofessional, and with incorrect vertical lines image looks distorted. Correcting these issues will make photo pleasing to the eye.


Remove Minor Blemishes

It can happen; a blob, mark or dirty finger print. Spots, dots and blemishes can all be removed to help create a flawless photo.


Brightness Contrast Adjustment

Adjusting these elements will create depth, making the photo more engaging and inviting the viewer into the image.


Outdoor Sky Replacement

Don’t let a gloomy day ruin your photos. The Hako Foto Team can replace a cloudy day with a beautiful sunset or clear, blue skies to show potential buyers just how stunning the view can be.


Lawn Enhancement

A perfect lawn is important when selling a home because it adds to the curb appeal. Repairing a lawn or replacing sections can show potential buyers just how great the lawn can be.


Tone Adjustment

This is a great tool to add a dramatic effect to an image or a light mood, depending on the type of photo. When it comes to selling property, the correct tone will help an image appear bright and welcoming.


TV Screen Replacement

An Empty black box is unappealing in a beautiful lounge room, so replacing the blank screen with a beautiful image can really enhance the photo and the mood of the room.


Add Fire to Fireplaces

Show just how cozy and inviting a room can be by adding a warming fire in the fireplace. Adding a fire always grabs the viewer’s attention and is likely to evoke homely feelings of comfort.



Superb guy to work with.

Sevak is a superb guy to work with. Great prices and amazing quality of work. 5 stars all around, couldn’t have asked for anything better.If you are in the real estate field, and want amazing photography look no further.
Adam A.

He has a great eye!

I found Hako Photo on yelp. Sevak took photos of my business recently for my marketing purposes. He has a great eye and I really love how the photos look. I would definitely recommend his services!
Lilit G.

I Still Get Compliments.

Sevak took photos of my condo 2 weeks ago and I still get compliments on how beautiful the photos turned out. Thx for such a fast response Sevak!
Armen M.


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